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Tripwire, Inc.

Tripwire is a leading provider of integrity assurance solutions that drive security, compliance and operational excellence. As the inventor of file integrity monitoring (FIM), Tripwire has a 20-year history of innovation. Today, Tripwire helps organizations, including half of the Fortune 500, achieve visibility across their networks, reduce their attack surfaces, and stay on top of suspicious changes – steps considered foundational to system and data integrity. Tripwire’s award-winning portfolio includes configuration management, file integrity management, asset discovery, vulnerability management and log collection.

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Data Sensor Light für Tripwire Industrial Visibility Server
Data Sensor Light für Tripwire Industrial...
"Sensor Light" Data Collector für Tripwire Industrial Visibility Server TIV Powered by a 64bit Dual Core ARM A53 Armada 3700 SOC clocked up to 1.2Ghz 1x Topaz Networking Switch 1x uSD card slot with footprint for an optional 4GB EMMC...