Digi ConnectPort LTS 8 MEI

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Next generation serial servers support GB Ethernet and IPv6 networks. Optional ZigBee and USB... mehr
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Next generation serial servers support GB Ethernet and IPv6 networks. Optional ZigBee and USB bring wireless capabilities into multi-port serial server environments.

The ConnectPort LTS terminal server family delivers secure, reliable, flexible and cost-effective RS-232/422/485 serial to-Ethernet connectivity. Targeted serial-to-IP applications include data center console port management, security, property management, point-of-sale, data acquisition, industrial automation, power utilities, logistics and others. Features include Dual GB Ethernet for extreme reliability, an SD memory slot for data storage, and a large an LCD screen for easy configuration, monitoring and diagnostics. With the ConnectPort LTS W model, Digi offers the only wireless terminal server with an internal secure modem, USB 2.0 ports for expandability and an XBee® interface for ZigBee communication.

Highly advanced software features include an IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, user port sharing, port logging, SSHv2 and SSL. Python support and a Software Development Kit (SDK) make this versatile Linux-based appliance a good platform for programming.

– 8 RS 232/422/485 software selectable MEI
– Dual GB Ethernet ports for routing
– Software selectable RS-232/422/485 (MEI models only) for industrial applications
– LCD display for status monitoring, diagnostics and configuration
– SD memory slot for data storage, supporting SD and HCSD
– W models offer USB 2.0 ports for expandability, internal modem and XBee socket for ZigBee communications
– Dual power option on 16-port MEI model.

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