Digi Portserver TS 4 P MEI

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PortServer TS P MEI makes it easy to connect RS-232/422/485 serial devices to an IP network. By... mehr
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PortServer TS P MEI makes it easy to connect RS-232/422/485 serial devices to an IP network. By supporting versatile powering options like power over Ethernet and serial port power, this serial server can adapt to many applications where traditional power options are not available.

Power over Ethernet (802.3af, mid- and end-span support) makes it possible to run just one Ethernet cable to the device server for both power and communications. The serial port power feature enables PortServer TS P MEI to power a device over serial using Ring Indicator (RI) or DTR pins. Power over Ethernet can be used in conjunction with a conventional power supply to provide redundant power capability to the device.

Available in two- and four-port versions, PortServer TS P MEI delivers universal, high performance multiport serial-to- Ethernet connectivity. It is ideal for applications requiring COM ports, serial tunneling, or where TCP/UDP Socket functionality is needed.

– 4 switch-selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports to connect virtually any type of serial device over Ethernet
– Supports power over Ethernet (802.3af, end-span and mid-span) or serial port power for versatile and redundant powering options
– Patented RealPort® for COM/TTY port control and management
– Modem emulation allows the device server to appear  as a modem to an attached device
– Monitoring and diagnostic utility
– Secure communication via SSHv2

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