Digi Portserver TS 1

Digi Portserver TS 1
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PortServer TS serial servers offer a simple, reliable and costeffective solution for connecting... mehr
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PortServer TS serial servers offer a simple, reliable and costeffective solution for connecting multiple serial devices over industry standard Ethernet. Target applications include retail/point-of-sale, building control and medical point-of-care.

Digi’s patented RealPort®, with encryption and user authentication*, makes it possible to establish a connection between the host and networked serial device by creating a local COM or TTY port on the host computer, allowing software applications to work with networked device servers instead of requiring a host adapter. PortServer TS is easy to install locally or remotely through a variety of IP addressing methods (DHCP, RARP, ARP-Ping) along with an application included on the installation CD that will automatically detect all PortServer devices on your network.

– 1, 2 or 4 RS-232 serial ports for standard serial-toEthernet connectivity
– Ideal for applications requiring COM ports, serial tunneling, TCP/UDP sockets, or multiple unicast functionality
– Patented RealPort for COM/TTY port control and management
– Modem emulation
– Monitoring and diagnostic utility
– Secure communication via SSHv2
– Tunable for low latency or optimized for throughput
– Easy web-based configuration (HTTP/HTTPS)

Weitere Modelle „Software selectable RS-232/422/485 serial ports“ oder "hardened" auf Anfrage.

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